MARIMATECH is a private owned Danish company formed in 1988, located in Hinnerup Denmark. Our main activities are R & D, services, consultancy, manufacturing and sales within the maritime industry worldwide.


Innovation, technology and quality are important elements at MARIMATECH. Our innovative use of the latest technologies – balancing state-ofthe-art techniques and solid, well proven quality – result in unique products and solutions for our customers.


MARIMATECH’s crew of dedicated engineers have more than 30 years of solid experience in hydrographic, oceanographic and positioning systems. This knowledge, combined with an extensive experience in varied projects, has given MARIMATECH a unique position. MARIMATECH’s objective is to remain the world leader in this area, and for this reason we invest a large proportion of our turnover into research and development. It is our firm opinion that it is our own innovation and inventiveness that will solve future challenges, not the study of outdated systems of the past.

The client, our partner

Foundations for optimal solutions are laid early in the project. Our extensive product knowledge and competence are combined in a strong project team,

who tailor the solution to the individual needs of each customer. MARIMATECH’s structured project management and complementing tools, ensure that the projected system is developed, implemented and documented within the projected time, budget and scope of delivery.MARIMATECH is both ISO 9001:2008 and ATEX certified.Although standard products are effective for many projects, our innovative approach frequently paves the way for new improved systems, with increased functionality leading to greater effectiveness, safety and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Each system comprises of the exact hardware and software components that will provide optimal functionality for the client.


MARIMATECH has specialized in a comprehensive product program within its core areas of hydrographic, oceanographic, and navigational positioning and piloting. We have developed state of the art:

  • Mooring Hooks
  • Berthing Aids Systems
  • Marine Piloting systems

We see it as our duty to remain at the forefront of the most advanced technological solutions for the benefit and ‘forward compatibility’ of our customers.